About Us

Simply put, we are a team of experts on a mission to help companies decarbonize cost effectively in areas where they have the most control. We are building a team that combines deep expertise in carbon accounting and life-cycle assessment with domain expertise in areas such as computing, transport, building heating/cooling, industrial machinery, microgrids, renewable electricity, and carbon credits/offsets.

Founder & Principal Consultant

Kumar Venkat is the founder of Climate Trajectories. Kumar is an expert in modeling and simulation and has a track record of building innovative solutions in climate tech, electronic design automation for chip design, and science/environmental education. He is also a climate analyst, software developer, and widely published writer on climate issues. He has founded two innovative technology companies in the past: CleanMetrics in climate tech, and Surya Technologies in the electronic design automation industry. Most recently he was CTO at PlanetFWD heading up technology, software development for product life-cycle assessment and corporate greenhouse gas inventory applications, and life-cycle data development for food and other consumer sectors. Kumar's focus in the last few years and recent thought leadership have been around life-cycle assessment, carbon accounting, and decarbonization strategies.